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    Texarkana Texas Independent School District

    The Texarkana Independent School District serves a good majority of the city of Texarkana, along with nearby areas of Nash and Wake Village. An urban school district located in the Lone Star state’s cover of Texarkana, it is comprised of junior high and high schools and elementary schools, as well as alternative schools. The Texas Education Agency awarded an “academically acceptable” citation or rating to Texarkana ISD in 2009.

    Established in 1889, it is now serving 34 square miles in the northeastern part of Texas. It is also the largest “school district in Bowie County and opens its doors for transferring students from other schools in the state free of tuition fees.

    To date, Texarkana Independent School District covers Texas High School, a public high school located in the city with close to 1,900 student population. The district also has under its wings the Texas Middle School with around 1,495 students, and a total of 236 students in its two alternative schools, OPTIONS Academic Alternative and the Disciplinary Alternative School.

    The total number of those enrolled at Texarkana ISD for its covered elementary school is around 3,650. Among the primary schools are Dunbar Intermediate Center, Nash, Spring Lake Park, Wake Village and Westlawn elementary. Also under its wing are Fifteenth Street Early Literacy Center, Highland Park and Martha & Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary.

    As for its mission, the Texarkana ISD strives to “provide a superior education in a caring environment that inspires, challenges and engages each student through a wide range of opportunities.” To achieve such, the parameters with which the district is guided by include their “focus on students while valuing all people in the education process.” They also aim to always strive for excellence, as well as promote a culture of personal accountability and mutual respect.

    Apart from providing academic curriculum, Texarkana ISD is also known for excellent training in sports. Among the sports training and facilities provided in the district include football, baseball, basketball, golf, powerlifting, diving and swimming, soccer, volleyball and tennis. Among the notable people in sports who graduated from Texas High School are Erik Condra, Ryan Mallett, Rick Minter, Craig Monroe, Jerry Norton, Slade Heathcott ad Bill Rogers.

    The administration of Texarkana ISD is composed of a superintendent, deputy superintendent, and the assistant superintendents for alternative education and for students and community development.